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The space frame [Delta Structures, Inc.] provided for the new Boulder City Library in Boulder City Nevada was beautifully fabricated and finished. It was erected in less than two days and gives a distinctive open and airy feeling to the Amphitheater while providing shelter for the performers from the hot Southern Nevada sun. Since the entire structure is supported from four columns along the inside curve of its radial shape there is an unobstructed view of the stage and performance platforms.

The space frame was delivered and erected within our budget. We were very pleased and we look forward to working with Delta Structures, Inc. on future projects.

-Precision Construction, Inc.

I have had the privilege of working with Delta Structures, Inc. on two different projects at the Carnegie Science Center. The one project was for a space age truss to enclose their gift shop and the other project was for a cantilevered space truss to support a roof top sign. In each case, Delta Structures performed commendably in designing and fabricating a truss that was functional as well as having a pleasing architectural appearance. The customer was pleased in both cases.

-Cintar Inc.

Your crew was no small part of our project success which will result in completing this 2 year project 3 ˝ months early. Your men assembled the 84’ x 84’ space frame for the monumental atrium skylight in two weeks time. They were accurate in their work and paid attention to details and quality.

When we picked up the space frame to set it in place we were able to perform the operation in one lift and when the frame was lowered into place on the structure it hit every control point precisely. The entire time from the initial lift off the ground until the space frame was wet in place for initial attachment was less than one hour. Your crew then made sure the final attachments were done expeditiously and correctly.

-Ellis Walker Builders, Inc.

Delta Structures, Inc has worked with CALNIK in the design and construction of four US Customs Service “Outbound Canopies” over the free way at the Otay Mesa and Calexico West Ports of Entry in California.

We are pleased to report that Delta has conducted all business in a highly satisfactory manner and has earned an excellent reputation with US Customs Service and CALNIK alike.

-CALNIK Eng. & Construction, Co.

We are very please to find how quickly the space frame was assembled and erected considering our tight constraints.

-Northern Sierra Construction, Inc.


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